Located in rural West Virginia, and iq options founded by Army Veteran and Counselor to Homeless Veterans Retired Captain James McCormick, Raising Cane Farm, Inc. will grow and distribute bamboo to the US market.

Bamboo provides healthy food, sustainable material for products and reduction of pollution through its natural ability to absorb carbon.

Raising Cane Farm will employ veterans, providing good jobs and opportunities to work on the land in a culture of collegial support and iqoption encouragement.

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Far too many veterans are homeless iq option in America-- between 130,000 and 200,000 on any given night-- representing between one fourth to one-fifth of all homeless people. Learn more >>>
Unemployment is far higher for Americans who have served in the military at any point in the past decade- 13.3 percent- than it is for the population in general (9.2 percent). Learn more >>>
In partnership with non-profits supporting Veteran farmers and entrepreneurs, Raising Cane Farms is proud to be part of a movement to create opportunities for veterans. Here's how >>>
Mason County Mason County Community rallies to help.